We design and develop modern e-commerce solutions with a professional design using the latest technologies and trends.

How We Do it?

You won't get an empty site. We prepare your e-commerce site together. We create the category structure and prepare your first products together and provide training while entering the product.

Annual Payment

We run your website together for 6 months, we won't charge for technical support it is free in this process. You can make a technical support agreement for the following periods.

There are essentials for selling online. These are also available on your site. It has no shortcomings. We do not indicate optional and provide the necessary service by demanding an extra fee. We evaluate your business-specific software requests and work to improve your business.

Hosting & Domain

Hosting? You can think of it like the annual rent you pay when you rent a workplace. The bigger your business, the higher your rent will be. There is no limit to the number of products you can enter. You pay the hosting fee annually.

Domain? It will be the name of your company in the internet world. Your payment for naming rights is free for the first year. We offer you our suggestions with extensions such as com, net etc. along with the name you request. You can also use your existing name.

Security and e-mail

The SSL security certificate is free for the first year. You can continue with your request with a free security certificate. We work with Comodo company. Of course, we can integrate your own SSL certificate into your site.

You can get as many e-mail addresses as you need. Depending on your request, we can position your e-mail addresses on google mail, free of charge.

Pictures and Videos

You provide the product pictures and videos in our working system. However, if you request, your pictures and videos can be taken in our private studio.* We will also support you in entering your first products.


We prepare your requests regarding the visual design of the site by combining it with our experience. We are aware that a visually unattractive and unreliable site will have a hard time making sales.
We prepare your site design in accordance with the purpose of your business. You can get extra support from us about your logo.

Social Media

We provide integration with facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter, whatsapp and Google. We increase the rate of visits to your site not only from your site, but also from social media and searches, and we report it.

We enable you to follow your detailed visit and sales statistics with the google analysis system, and you can view the basic (daily, monthly and bestseller) graphics from the panel of the site.

We share your location information on Google maps and publish your articles. We'll help your map come out on top in potential queries.


We prepare your Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords ads and publish them for free for the first month. We determine your advertising budgets and inform you.

Accounting (only TR)

With the accounting tracking program that you can use free of charge on your computer, tablet and phone for the first 6 months, you can make collections outside of your site and perform current tracking. You can follow your stocks. Your orders are automatically entered into the accounting program and you only have a few steps to invoice and print shipping labels.
You can track customers, suppliers, personnel, purchases and sales. You can create payment links, create your own order system, prepare and send offers. We provide free training of the program, which is simple to use and will not tire you.

e-Invoice (only TR)

We move your company to the e-invoice system. You will not have difficulty in issuing and receiving invoices through the accounting tracking program we will provide to you. We do not charge extra for this pass and we will give away your first credits.

You can also request integration into your own accounting program. It's hard to write anything specific as we have to examine your system first. It is worth mentioning that our e-invoice system can work integrated with 400+ accounting programs.


We integrate cargo with Yurtiçi, Aras, UPS and MNG. We share our recommendations with you. You can easily ship your product to your customer, and you can easily get the tracking link. (only TR)

During the shipping process, maybe we will inform you so that you can make small surprises for your customers. We know the importance of your customer's timely delivery and a perfect shopping experience, and we work hard to get positive feedback.

Virtual Pos

We work with iyzico, Stripe. We'll tell you the pros and cons. We can integrate it according to your preference. If you wish, you can also use your own bank for virtual pos. We will inform you about this.

Content Management

Blog management comes free of charge, you can make detailed explanations of your products. With usage tips, you can prepare your own original articles on topics such as curiosities. We prepare the article categories and your first articles together and train you.

Easy Product

If you want, you can send products to your site with excel, you can share products with Excel and XML.


In the first year, it is done automatically every Saturday, you can download it to your computer if you wish. You can also get a backup. Your site login information is shared with you and we provide training on how to backup.

KOSGEB (only TR)

If you are looking for support for your venture, our special advisor will inform you and guide you.

Trademark (only TR)

You can get support from us on trademark registration and patent issues, and you can exchange ideas with our consultant free of charge.


Your site becomes accessible, it makes a difference. We prepare articles and product presentations about the products you sell. We work to increase your availability in searches.

Digital Marketing

We help you send communication e-mails and campaigns to your customers that will facilitate your returns. You can submit offers and special prices. You can get more comments and sell more.


Our site works with B2C seller-to-customer sales method. You can learn the details for the B2B dealership system.

Technical Support

You can get technical support and more information by e-mail 24/7.

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