WBD E-Ticaret sitesi

Antalyada bulunan ve 2021 yılında hizmete açtığımız wbd.com.tr nakış ile özel şapkalar üreten e-ticaret sitesidir.

Ürün kategorizasyonu, sanal pos entegrasyonu online alışveriş ve google reklamlarına yer verdiğimiz e-ticaret sitesinde 100+ ürünün girişini sağladık.

kadın giyim e-ticaret sitesi

"As White by Dido company, we have decided to establish an e-commerce site in order to serve wider masses with our brand on women's textile ready-made clothing. At this stage, we have decided to establish an e-commerce site. At this stage, we can always answer our questions and advice requests as soon as possible, without interrupting the professional assistance we need. We went in search of a partner who can produce a solution. Finally, we met with the Karma Digital family and our e-commerce adventure started together. During this process, as I mentioned above, we are taking firm steps forward in our commercial life with the confidence and peace of continuing on our way with a truly professional team. As the White by Dido family, I would like to thank Karma Digital family and the very valuable Mr. Fırat and Ms. Ceren, who have always been with us from the beginning of the process, with my deepest love and respect."

White By Dido Family

Bilgi alabilirsiniz: 0 541 235 77 99
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